Public Policy Issues 

To assist us in our advocacy role, we have set up a number of active and executive working groups and task forces. These volunteer groups assist us in preparing, formulating and submitting policy positions as well as commentaries for submission.

  • Retail Distribution Review (RDR)
  • National Health Insurance (NHI)
  • Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)
  • Retirement and Social Reform
  • Remunerations


In November 2014, the Financial Service Board (FSB) released the long awaited Retail Distribution Review Discussion Paper for commentary.

We responded to FSB’s call for commentary on RDR through the rubric of financial planning—a client-centric, process-driven professional practice that can help (re)build trust and restore consumer confidence in financial intermediaries, provide a suitable context for the distribution of products and ultimately support better outcomes for South Africans engaging the financial services marketplace.

Our comments to FSB’s RDR Proposals are based on our experience in developing competency, ethics and practice standards for the financial planning profession in South Africa, and the experience the; and the other 26 FPSB member organisations; in applying and enforcing those standards and principles for over 160,000 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals working in a variety of practice settings around the world.

Download our letter to FSB and the FPI RDR Response.

National Health Insurance (NHI)

In August 2011, government released a Green Paper on National Health Insurance (NHI). The Green Paper outlines government’s broad policy proposals for the implementation of the NHI Plan. Public comments on the Green Paper were called for and these were to be submitted by 31 December 2011. In response to this Green Paper, we formed an NHI Working Group, chaired by Andre Jacobs, CFP®, which consists of volunteers who are tasked with drafting a comprehensive reply on this Green Paper.

The Working Group now continues to monitor and act where necessary and in relation to the ongoing NHI process.  

To read more, download the NHI commentary paper.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

In March 2011, The Financial Services Board (FSB) released a document entitled The Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Road-map. 

  • The TCF paper explained how the regulator will introduce and implement a TCF programme designed to regulate the market conduct of financial services firms in South Africa. The TCF approach seeks to ensure that fair treatment of customers is embedded within the culture of financial firms. 
  • TCF will use a combination of market conduct principles and explicit rules to drive the delivery of clear and measurable fairness outcomes, and will enforce the delivery of these outcomes through a range of deterrents. 
In response to this paper, we formed a TCF Working Group, chaired by Dan Berglund, CFP®.The working group consist of volunteers tasked with representing and communicating the interests of our members to the regulator. Our staff, assisted by the working group, are also involved with the regulator to finalise the TCF Regulations. 

Download the TCF commentary paper here.

Retirement and Social Reform

The FPI Social Security and Retirement Reform Working Group was formed during the course of 2011 in anticipation of a number of expected Social Security reforms. With many changes predicted, we felt it necessary to keep our policy up to date with, and where possible ahead of the reforms coming from government.

This mandate is fulfilled through the efforts of the Social Security and Retirement Reform Working Group, chaired by Andrew Crawford, CFP®. To date, the group has commented on a number of policy issues.

The working group’s mandate been extended to deal with Retirement Reform issues.

Click here   to download all the Retirement Reforms commentaries.


The FPI Remunerations Working Group was formed in 2011 in response to the discussion paper released by the Financial Services Board (FSB) entitled: Call for contributions: intermediary services and related remuneration in the insurance sector. The purpose of this paper was to ask the industry to contribute on possible reforms as well as to analyse reforms related to remuneration structures. 

The regulator seemed to express the view that issues of intermediary status and related remuneration would soon come under inspection and may be subject to review. We in turn formed a Remunerations Working Group, chaired by Peter Hemp-Adams, CFP®, in anticipation of such reform from the regulator and to prepare a response to the regulator’s call for contributions. 

Click here to download the remunerations’ commentary.