Public Policy information

As a thought leader within the industry, we proactively look for opportunities to advocate a better financial planning profession, as well as best practice standards. This is achieved through a combination of technical competency, resource availability and committed member input.

The Institute aims to play an important role in advancing the financial planning profession in the years to come. Our leadership role within the financial services industry allows us to provide balanced, credible input and commentary to both government and the public.

Public mandate

We work through our members to advocate professional financial planning for all, by establishing, upholding and promoting professional standards in financial planning, while always acting in the interest of the public who the profession serves. Learn more…Learn more…   

FPI public benefit 

We want to build consumer trust in the financial planning community, and to communicate the importance of professional financial planning to the consumer, by not only acting in the public interest, but by also being seen to do so through our free national consumer initiatives. Learn more…