More than one FPI Approved Professional Practice™ gets industry recognition in 2016

We find ourselves in an industry with no shortage of corporates and professional practices who offer an array of financial products and services; so when an FPI Approved Professional Practice™ gets recognised for their contribution to the industry, the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) stands proud.

In 2016 four of the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ firms were given accolades in various categories. The awards received are both local industry awards as well as international awards.

Congratulations go out to: 

Ascor entered the International Best Practice Advisor Competition and won four of the top eight awards.

  • Excellence in Marketing and Communication;
  • Excellence in the Use of Technology;
  • Excellence in Social Media, and
  • Best Advisor Firm.

BDO won two prestigious global awards.

  • Acquisition Finance Magazine Global Awards: Best Tax Advisory Firm of the Year for Middle East and Africa 2016; and
  • Payroll World Awards: International Payroll Provider Award for the 2nd year running. 

Gradidge-Mahura Investments
Gradidge-Mahura Investments entered the Top Private Bank and Wealth Managers Survey and won second and third place in two categories.

  • Second Place: People’s Choice Awards
  • Third Place: Top Wealth Manager Boutique Category

Private Client Holdings
Private Client Holdings also entered the International Best Practice Advisor Competition where they scooped up an award that speaks to a standard we hold in high regard.

  • Excellence in Professional Development

We are so proud of the good work these organisations are doing in the industry and we celebrate their achievements with them.

What is an FPI Approved Professional Practice™?

An FPI Approved Professional Practice™ status is awarded to small to medium independent financial services providers who share in our commitment to the greatest standards of financial planning and ethics.
FPI Approved Professional Practice™ firms are easily recognised by consumers as financial planning practices that subscribe to the highest levels of professionalism.

To become an FPI Approved Professional Practice™, the company must meet stringent criteria set by FPI By meeting the criteria these organisations demonstrate collaborative synergy, a higher level of service and accountability in the market.

Some of the criteria that must be met are:

  1. 50% of the organisations full time financial planners/advisors must be CFP® professionals.
  2. The practice must have a minimum of two full time financial planners/advisors.
  3. An additional 25% of the practice’s advisors must be on the learning pathway to obtaining their CFP® designation, or hold another designation with FPI.
  4. The practice must have a minimum of two key individuals who are also CFP® professionals
  5. The main business of the practice must be to give financial advice to clients, following the Six Step Financial Planning Process.
  6. The practice must be willing to act as an FPI Mentorship Centre and must mentor at least one person every year.
  7. The practice must adhere to the FPI Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.


With only 13 FPI Approved Professional Practice™ firms country-wide, having the status places the company in a very niche community of like-minded professionals. The community consists of well-known and respected practices that continuously strive to elevate the standard of financial planning, not only to their clients but also to new practices entering the profession.

FPI has a strong partnership with the following flagship brands, listed in alphabetical order, who have been awarded the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ status:

  1. Absolut Wealth Management
  2. Ascor 
  3. BDO 
  4. Brenthurst Wealth Management
  5. Chartered Wealth Solutions
  6. Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd
  7. Efficient Advise
  8. Gradidge-Mahura Investments
  9. Independent Wealth Managers
  10. Netto Invest
  11. Private Client Holdings
  12. Quoin Wealth
  13. Southwood Financial Planning

When a financial planning practice partners with the Institute as an FPI Approved Professional Practice™, their clients can take comfort in knowing that their business is aligned with a recognised professional body, which has international affiliation with over 25 Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) member organisation, who has the public’s best interest at heart.

If you want to find out more about becoming an FPI Approved Professional Practice™, call the Institute on (011) 470 6000 or email or visit for more information.