Award-winning Motivational Speaker Ross Bernstein Shares ‘The Champion’s Code’ at the 29th Financial Planning Institute Professionals Convention

Bernstein’s ‘The Champion’s Code’ reveals lessons from the sports arena that could be implemented in business

20 October 2017: Cape Town
– Ross Bernstein, bestselling US author and award-winning Hall of Fame business speaker, addressed attendees of the 29th Financial Planning Institute Professionals Convention at the Century City Convention Centre, about lessons from the sports arena, that could be implemented in business.

Following research for his books in which he interviewed more than 1 000 professional athletes and coaches, he had come to the conclusion that the same metrics and characteristics that were common among champions in sports, were also common in peak performers in business. In his motivational speech ‘The Champion’s Code: Building Relationships Through Life Lessons of Integrity and Accountability from the Sports World to the Business World’, Bernstein unpacked some of the traits that top-tier athletes and sports professionals have in common. 
According to Bernstein, there are eight traits that drive champions and generate momentum. Firstly, champions are internally driven to succeed because they have passion – they love their job and therefore they have a great attitude and a positive demeanour. “If you’re not passionate about what you do then you need to re-think what you do,” he said.

Being unselfish is another trait and it also helps to build relationships. Being a giver is not something that is taught; it’s something that’s in your DNA, Bernstein pointed out. Moving on to work ethic he recommended that you always need to aim to be and do better. You should regard feedback as a gift, be willing to listen and improve yourself.

Then there’s the trait of trust. It’s crucial to hire the right people for your business, who fit into the culture and whom you can trust with your culture. In turn, Bernstein notes, you need to be someone people can trust with their lives, their money and their future.

He has found that successful people visualise success and their end goal and this drives them to manifest it. However, a goal always has to have a plan or it’s merely a wish. “[Cultivating] compassion will make you go further to fulfil your client’s needs, beyond making a sale, while consistency means always showing up and doing your part. Remember, there’s no elevator to the top; you have to grind your way to the top. Be durable and let the fear of failure drive you.”

Finally, there’s the trait of respect. Be someone who is respected, someone with integrity who under-promises and over-delivers.
Bernstein also shared the following tips to motivate and create momentum for your financial planning business going forward:
Make sure your customer knows your story – storytelling is key in today’s business. People want to know about you.
Think charitably because people want to do business with givers.
Find your currency – in the new economy, currency isn’t always money. Maybe it’s time, expertise or a warm referral and willingness to help someone. Pay it forward.
Invest in your brand identity – re-think every touchpoint of your business and have proof of your authentic success. No one cares what you say, people are interested in what others say about you, e.g. testimonials. 
Take risks or you will never grow your business. It is ok to fail. Do an autopsy and don’t make the same mistake twice.
Play by the rules because integrity matters. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.
Be willing to adapt and change or you risk becoming redundant.
Provide the best client experience. Make your customer feel like they are the only one you are dealing with.
Think about your legacy. Did you matter? Did you make a difference?
Have fun! Work hard and play hard and be present!

Bernstein has been the keynote speaker at conferences on five different continents and is an award-winning, peak-performance Hall of Fame business speaker.

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