A new focus for FPIMYMONEY123™

FPIMYMONEY123™ is FPI’s financial planning education programme, aimed at giving more South Africans access to quality financial advice that will improve their lives.

The programme has recently been updated and rebranded to succeed in an ever-changing digital environment, and to become even more relevant to the target consumers.

The new FPIMYMONEY123™, in conjunction with other initiatives and events like Money Smart Week South Africa, FPI Financial Planning Week and World Financial Planning Day, will uplift society by building an environment where anybody will be able to seek credible financial planning or advice and improve their financial wellbeing.

Cape Town-based design firm The Agency was the creative force behind the reboot. “Our aim was to breathe new life into FPIMYMONEY123™ – taking the consumer-facing brand to a new level meant a full redesign from the ground up,” says Sage Bassett, head of design and strategy at The Agency. “The rebrand called for a holistic new approach, including a new logo and visual identity, the building out of brand assets like social media campaigns, and a full website redesign. The systems put in place will ensure the longevity and consistency of the FPIMYMONEY123™ brand.”

FPI encourages its members to embrace the new initiative. By offering their expert services pro bono, members can elevate their individual profiles, raise awareness about their service offering and give back to their community.  

Look out for the updated FPIMYMONEY123™ online portal soon.