Applying for tax practitioner’s status

In 2013, the South Africa Revenue Services (SARS), in accordance with Section 240A of the Tax Administration Act, and in a bid to professionalise the tax practitioner occupation, established regulations for the recognition of Controlling Bodies. SARS further required that tax practitioners are members of such Controlling Bodies, who must then ensure that such individuals meet certain entry and ongoing standards of membership. Read more about the SARS regulation regarding Recognised Controlling Bodies (RCB).

What does this recognition mean for a designated FPI member (an individual who has met the criteria and has been awarded one of FPI’s designations by the Institute)?

This means that as an FPI designated member, who provides and performs tax administration duties, you qualify to be registered with SARS as tax practitioner because you are a designated member of FPI. The recognition also allows any tax practitioners, wishing to be registered with SARS and meeting FPI’s professional membership requirements, to become an FPI designated member.

To register with FPI as a tax practitioner is offered as a member benefit and no additional fees are payable.

Read our press release for more about our SARS Recognised Controlling Body Status.

What is required from me as a designated member to indicate that I’m a tax practitioner?

You need to provide FPI with your:

  • Tax clearance certificate;
  • Income tax number; and
  • SARS practice number.  ​

How to apply

Register here. Sign in using your FPI login details and only then you will be able to complete the registration process. For more information, contact our membership services team on or on (011) 470-6000.

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