Annual recertification

Annual recertification of membership is compulsory. The recertification period normally opens in November and recertification has to be completed by 31 March to avoid late recertification penalties.

In order to complete the recertification process, you must:

  • Update your personal information. 
  • Record and comply with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements. 
  • Make a declaration with regard to fit and proper status.
  • Indicate your agreement to the FPI Certification requirements and other regulations.
  • Pay the prescribed annual fee. 


CFP® professionals, and all other levels of membership, are required to maintain technical competence and fulfil ethical obligations. To stay in touch with the happenings in the financial planning profession, members must earn 35 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points every year.  Furthermore, at least five of these hours must be spent on Professional Ethics and Practice Standards. For further information on CPD requirements and approved categories, please download the CPD policy .

Re-instatement of membership

Members who have resigned or failed to recertify may have their membership re-instated within five years of their membership ending, provided they comply with the full requirements of membership.  If the membership ended more than five years ago, the member will have to write and pass the Professional Competency Exam (PCE) as well as comply to the full membership requirements.

The Certification standards details the full certification requirement for membership.