Frequently asked questions


You would have to renew your membership every year by meeting all the renewal requirements. To read more about it just follow this link.
Log into your profile and click on my financials.
All you have to do is send an email to our membership department and they will assist you in changing your banking details.
Log into your profile and click on reinstate my membership. If your membership ended more than 60 months ago (five years) you will be required to write the Professional Competency Examination (PCE) again. Alternatively you could contact our membership department for help.
Click here, then click on Forgot your username or password?
Either put in your user name or your email address that we have on record and click on “submit”. Your details will be emailed to you.
Log into your profile and click on email my certificate.
The magazine is available to members free of charge so you would have to login to have access to the online magazine.
Yes! Once you are on the FPI website, click on Employers and then verify a member. This functionality will also be available on the FPI consumer website once it has been launched. You will only be visible on the consumer website if you have opted in to appear there.
You can contact Southern Cross Risk Management (Pty) Limited, for discounted rates on PI cover. Download our Value Proposition brochure to see what other discounts you can get.
Many CFP® professionals all around South Africa give of their time, skills and resources to help their local communities. You can also be involved. To read more about the activities you can be involved in, click here.
No. Only companies who employ a minimum of 80% CFP® professionals can apply. To see the full list of qualifying criteria, download our FPI Approved ProfessionalTM brochure.
You can email Compli-Serve for your FICA training or you can call them on 0861 273 783 (local) or +27 21 683 6824 (international).


FPI’s approval by SARS as the Recognised Controlling Body (RCB)

FPI’s approval by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) as the Recognised Controlling Body (RCB) means that as an FPI designated member, who provides and performs tax administration duties, you qualify to be registered with SARS as tax practitioner because you are a designated member of FPI. The recognition also allows any tax practitioners, wishing to be registered with SARS and meeting FPI’s professional membership requirements, to become an FPI designated member.
Unfortunately, this benefit only applies to members of FPI who have achieved any of FPI’s designations. Go to our website to learn more about FPI’s designations and how you can achieve them.
No. Being able to register with FPI as a tax practitioner is offered as a member benefit and no additional fees are payable.

You need to provide FPI with your:

  • Tax clearance certificate;
  • Income tax number; and
  • SARS practice number, if you already have one.
You need to apply to be registered as a tax practitioner and meet the minimum criteria as determined by SARS. Only once FPI approved your application, will FPI record against your member profile that you are a tax practitioner. Thereafter, as your chosen controlling body, FPI will manage your tax practitioner status with SARS.
No, carrying an FPI designation and being a member in good standing, as well meeting the tax practitioner requirements, as stated in the SARS’ Criteria for recognition of controlling bodies guide, will automatically qualify you to attain the status.
No, your current FPI designation alone demonstrates that you have met the requirements. Your status on your FPI member profile will be updated accordingly and a letter of good standing will be available upon request.
  • Firstly, check whether you meet our requirements?
  • Should you meet the set requirement, your next step would be to create an online account, complete the online registration process and pay the prescribed FPI application and membership fees. On completion of all the necessary steps, your application will be processed within five working of days.

The agreement with regards to SAIT’s membership fees will remain in place. As a member, it is important for you to review the activities that you do as a tax practitioner. If you only perform activities relating to financial planning, FPI will fit as your professional body. If you provide broader tax services (i.e. corporate commercial tax planning) then SAIT’s membership will cover these services.

FPI will also continue to partner with SAIT on CPD events which are applicable for both communities.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

You can click on the "Members" tab and then on "what qualifies as CPD", or you can simply click here to download it.
You can read articles related to ethics or attend CPD Events that are ethics or Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) related. You can also purchase DVD’s online.
Click on this link to see a list of the upcoming events.
Click on this link for the list of the upcoming events, you will click on the event you want to register for. Just follow the instructions after that.
Log into your profile and click on “My CPD”.
If you would like to be an approved CPD provider you can complete the application form on our website and submit it to our certification department to evaluate it.


Practice standards were developed to help FPI members better understand and implement the financial planning process. It also explains what members are expected to do as professionals when giving financial advice. These standards are based on the principles of the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of FPI.

The aim of this register is to allow the public to see the status of the following types of professionals:

  • CFP®
  • FSA™
  • RFP™


The register is updated regularly to make sure that all information is up-to-date. To confirm any doubts the consumer is encouraged to contact FPI directly in writing to verify the membership of the financial planner.

We will not disclose the personal information of the public given to us by third parties; neither will we give out the personal information of practitioners who are no longer members of FPI. We reserve the right to deny any request for information.

Trademarks are words or symbols that are legally registered to identify a company or product. There are strict rules when it comes to using the registered trademarks of companies. You need to familiarise yourself with the FPI "use of marks" guides. If you are unsure about how to use it on your stationery or blogs etc. or you have seen someone use the marks incorrectly or without permission you can email for assistance.
Login to your profile, then click on the "My details" link under "Manage my account". At the top right corner you will find blue buttons; click on the recertification button and follow the instructions until you get to the fit and proper declaration.
You can lodge a complaint by sending us an email or by sending us registered mail to:

    FPI Legal and Compliance Department
    The Financial Planning Institute of SA NPC
    P.O. Box 6493,

All complaints must:
  • Be in writing
  • Show the name and address of the complainant
  • Show the individual name of the FPI member under possible investigation
  • Detail the nature of the complaint, including primary evidence where possible
  • Be signed by the complainant