How to upload your CPD points?

Follow these 10 easy steps to record your CPD points:

  1. 1Login with your username and password 
  2. 2Select 'MyFPI' and click on 'My CPD' on your membership dashboard
  3. 3Click on the plus sign to add new  CPD points
  4. 4Click on the calendar to select the date you earned the CPD points
  5. 5Now select the CPD category (for example, ‘Professional Reading’)
  6. 6Provide a description of the points earned, i.e. Attendance of the annual FPI Professionals Convention 2016
  7. 7Indicate the CPD cycle (year) you want to claim the points for
  8. 8Type in the amount of points you are claiming - remember one point equals one hour
  9. 9Click on "Save & Close" to complete the upload
  10. 10The entry should appear immediately on your CPD table after saving. Press F5 to refresh the screen to update the summary table.