Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a lifelong learning process, where a financial planning professional systematically engages in activities that maintain abilities, skills and knowledge required for professional practice. These activities are described and guided by the FPI Financial Planner Competency Profile and Code of Ethics and Practice Standards

As a professional member you are required to obtain 35 CPD points for every reporting period (The reporting period for all FPI members is twelve (12) months and starts on 1 June each year and ends the following year on 31 May. FPI members must obtain the minimum CPD requirements during the reporting period. CPD hours obtained during a certain cycle can only be claimed for that particular cycle.). A minimum of five CPD points must be on Ethics and Practice Standards.

CPD is compulsory and applies to all members, whether in public practice, industry, commerce, education, public sector or any other field or retired from professional practice. Although we understand the need for the confidentiality of members' personal information, FPI may provide a CPD compliance report of its members to any third party as and when requested for the purpose of proving compliance.

Download the CPD Policy for more information.

What qualifies as CPD?

As a member you may claim for CPD activities which are relevant to the knowledge, skills and abilities as recorded in the FPI Competency Profile.

These activities include:

 Refer to the CPD policy for a detailed list of defined activities.

How to upload your CPD points?

Follow these 9 easy steps to record your CPD points:

  1. 1Log into your profile and click on the “My CPD” tab.;
  2. 2Click on the plus sign just under the block that shows your current CPD points
  3. 3Capture the date you earned the CPD points
  4. 4Now select the CPD category (for example, 'Professional Reading')
  5. 5Enter the description in ‘Description’ block
  6. 6Select the cycle for which you are uploading CPD points for
  7. 7Type in the amount of points – remember, 1 point is equal to one hour
  8. 8Then click on 'Save and close'
  9. 9The entry should appear immediately on your CPD chart after updating