Examination results and the opportunity to request a remark will be available to you after you have written the exam. As a candidate you must follow the correct process for requesting your results or requesting a remark, which can be found on the relevant page.

When applying for a remark you must submit your request within five working days of the date you received your exam results.

Exam results

As an Examination Candidate, you can now request your exam results after you have written your exams. You can do this by going to the login page . Insert your username, (ID number) and password to access your details.

Once logged in on the website your details will appear and you can further click on the PDF file displayed on the right hand side where your results will now download.

If you are struggling to login or have technical error downloading your document, contact our Regulatory Exam on 011 470 6000 and re@fpi.co.za who will be able to assist.

Exam remark

As an Examination Candidate, you may ask for your papers to be remarked after a regulatory exam. A request for a remark must be received by the examination body concerned within five working days of the date of notification of the exam results. Requests will not be accepted unless the appropriate form has been signed by the candidate concerned. Third party requests will not be accepted. The application will carry a fee of R384.00 (non-refundable) to be paid to the examination body on submission of the request for a remark.


When a paper is remarked, the examination body checks the recording and the addition of marks. This may result in one of the following outcomes: 
  • the mark remains unchanged ; or 
  • the mark is increased; 
  • or the mark is decreased. 

The outcome of the exercise will be final and binding. It is important to understand that the process for marking papers is robust:

  • Papers are checked by an administrator for possible anomalies.
  • Answers are then captured by another person. 
  • All borderline results are checked again by a moderator. 
  • Answer sheets are not scanned into the system but are captured manually: the persons checking and capturing are on the alert for cases where the person erased one answer and inserted another.
  • Please note that answers in a multiple choice exam are either right or wrong. It is not possible to find an additional mark (as it perhaps would be in an essay-type question).


How to apply for a remark

A request for a remark, using a remark request form must be submitted with proof of payment made to the following account:

Account Name: FPI Examination Body
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: 00 12 06 00
Account number: 021 184 968
Account type: Cheque

The examination body will provide a decision within 10 to 20 days. For more information, email re@fpi.co.za