Frequently asked questions

Once you are on our "home" page, select "Exam registration", select "Create Account", and follow prompts, you still need to register for a specific exam
"Click" on "Examinations" then "Register for Exam" verify details and select "next", follow prompts until end
We have a 10 working day cut off, meaning you have to pay, into the below account, 10 working days maximum before exam date.
Standard Bank
Using ID number as reference
Once you have registered as a candidate on the website and logged on, you can "click" on "exam information."
R1,226.00 including VAT, per exam
There is a 10 working day cut off, you will be able to make changes outside the 10 days, alternatively please contact 0114706000
Once results are released the system will automatically send out an email and sms, please check your details are up to date to ensure receipt of these notifications.
You need to login first with your username, (being your ID number), and password, (we do not have access to your password), once logged in your details will appear and you will find a "pdf" file on the right hand side
Your username is your ID number
When you are on the webpage you can click on "exam registration", you will find a link to recover your password
The cost is R384.00 regardless of the outcome of the remark.
The cost is R384.00 and if the appeal is upheld a refund of R300.00 will be given.
A remark is when we actually remark your paper and an appeal you have to submit the day of the exam as this when you think that there is a problem with a specific question on the question paper you received
Absolutely. All individuals who are in the industry, giving financial advice is required to write the exam. Any individual who is not practicing in the industry but would like to in the future can also write the exam.

All individuals who need assistance with disability requirements can contact us on (011) 470-6100.

The regulatory exams are set and updated by the Financial Services Board's (FSB) authorised question developers, and securely saved in FSB's question bank. FPI as an examination body would then randomly draw questions from the FSB question bank and include the appropriate number of questions onto the exam papers. The question paper of each candidate is different from that of other candidates, but all questions are drawn from the same source, i.e. FSB question bank, regardless of which examination body the exam is written through.