Value of affiliation

As part of our corporate engagement strategy, we offer the financial service providers with an opportunity to affiliate themselves with us by applying for the FPI Corporate Partner™ or FPI Approved Professional Practice™ brand. 


  • Your business will be identified by your peers the financial services industry as being one of the companies who are committed in raising the standards of professionalism. 
  • The accreditation will also provide your organisation with positive exposure in the public space. 
  • Your organisation will become an employer of choice that attracts competent and professional employees.


Find out how you can help your organisation attract and retain the right employees by supporting their professional development through various up-skilling initiatives. 

Professional conduct

All our members are required to adhere to a required level of conduct outlined by our Code of Ethics and Practice Standards. In addition, members are annually audited to ensure they’re fulfilling requirements and remain members of good standing. Click here to verify if one of your employees is a member of FPI in good standing.

Professional development

When it comes to continuous professional development (CPD), we offer resources, as outlined in our CPD Policy, that maintain abilities, skills and knowledge required for professional practice.