Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of 11 Non-Executive Directors and 1 Executive Director (Chief Executive Officer), with the roles of the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer clearly defined.

The Board fully embraces the principles of ethical leadership in setting and implementing the strategy of the company. In addition, the Board takes full responsibility for the management, direction and performance of the company. This is done by making independent decisions on all issues reserved for its review and approval while taking cognisance of the needs of all of the company’s stakeholders.

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 Kirsty Skully  Kirsty Scully, CFP®
  Non-executive Director
  Regional Visibility
  Regional Coordinating Committee Chairperson 
 Navin Ramparsad  Navin Ramparsad, CFP®
  NCR Committee Chairperson
 Ntai Phoofolo, CFP<sup>®</sup>  Ntai Phoofolo, CFP®
  Strategy Committee Chairperson
   Soré Cloete, CFP®
  Non-executive Director
  Legal & IP Protection
  Conduct and Ethics Committee Chairperson
     Jillian Larkan, CFP®
    Non-executive Director
    Employee wellness
    Human Capital Chairperson
   Michael Jackson, CFP®
  Non-executive Director
  Professional Development & Education
  Education Committees

  Convenor Kwa-Zulu Natal Regional Committee
    Gerald Mwandiambira, CFP®
  Non-executive Director
  FPI Holdings (Property & Investments)
  FPI CPD Director
   Sipho Mogane
  Non-executive Director
  IT Governance 
  Audit Committee Chairperson
   Lelané Bezuidenhout, CFP®
  Chief Executive Officer
  FPI CPD Director
   Amanda John    
  Non-executive Director
  FPI & the Consumer
  Consumer Education
  Convenor Pretoria & North Regional Committee
   David Kop, CFP®
  Executive Director Relevance 
  FPI CPD Director
  Advocacy Committee Chairperson
   Eric Jordaan, CFP®
  Non-executive Director
  Professional Conduct & Standard
  Convenor Central Regional Committee
   Luke Martins, CFP®
  Non-executive Director
  Inclusion & Development of Young Professionals
  Convenor Johannesburg Regional Committee 
   Sherwin Govender, CFP®
  Non-executive Director
  2020 Convention Committees
  Convenor Western-Cape Regional Committee