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Finally!A place to get all of your money questions answered

When it comes to our money, we want nothing more than to do the right thing.So, you Google a phrase like “how to negotiate my salary” or “how to invest,” but the links you get aren’t quite right.Either they’re so technical you might as well be reading Mandarin, or they overload you with so much information, you’re not quite certain what you, in your particular situation, should do.

We’ve created a place that breaks down personal finance into the basics, and talks to you about your money the way a friend would. Well, a friend who just happens to be a Certified Financial Planner®.Today, we’re going to give you a tour of what you’ll find there, using questions posed by our users in LV Discussions.

What Can the Knowledge Center Do for You?Before we dive into questions, here’s a mini tour of everything you’ll find in this über-helpful new section:

  • Personal Finance 101: Every big money topic you’ve wondered about will have a 101 that describes it the way real people speak, explains why it’s important for you to know and gives you the top takeaways you need. For instance, don’t miss Negotiating 101, to learn a skill every woman should have. And we wouldn’t want you to miss Budgeting 101, Saving for Retirement 101, Savings 101, Debt 101, Investing 101 or Understanding Student Loans 101 either!
  • Checklists: Love the satisfaction of checking a task off your to-do list? We do, too. And we want you to enjoy that when it comes to your money! Use our checklists for your MOST important money must-dos, whether it’s setting up your budget, getting your credit report or paying off all your debts.
  • Questions & Mistakes: In 10 Things You’re Embarrassed to Ask About … , you’ll find answers to your most basic money questions about banking, saving or negotiating. In Top Money Mistakes to Avoid, you’ll learn what not to do when it comes to debt, retirement and saving. Plus, if you’ve already made a mistake, you’ll find out how to get out of it. (Don’t worry–we’ll keep it on the DL.)
  • The Budgeting Center: We know one of your top money concerns is how to budget and cut costs. Which is why we’ve put all that information in one convenient place: The Budgeting Center, which shows you how to free up money when it comes to your groceries, your kids or your shopping habits.
  • Tools, quizzes, slide shows and more: Crunch your own numbers with our calculators ( like: The Purchase AppraiserWhat’s My ‘Mom’ Salary?, Is Grad School Worth It?) or find out more about your money personality with all of our fun and informative quizzes (i.e, What’s your investing risk tolerance?).

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